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Group Leader Position in Computational Epigenomics
Aktualität: 13.01.2023


13.01.2023, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ)
Group Leader Position in Computational Epigenomics
Applications are invited for a group leader position in the Division of Cancer Epigenomics ( ) headed by Prof. Dr. Christoph Plass, an internationally renowned expert in cancer epigenomics with more than 30 years of expertise in the field. The group will lead research on Computational Epigenomics, based on large data sets characterizing transcription, nucleosome positioning, 3D chromatin architecture, DNA methylation, histone modifications and from single-cell and spatial technologies, and will support Professor Plass in the smooth running of the laboratory at various levels. Research in the Division of Cancer Epigenomics employs cutting-edge epigenetics and molecular biology tools in combination with genomics and computational biology approaches to develop comprehensive concepts for epigenome-wide misregulation of gene expression during the development of cancer and therapy resistance and its involvement in DNA repair defects. Establish and lead the Group for Computational Epigenomics in the Division of Cancer Epigenomics Design research projects and establish innovative computational methods and bioinformatical tools to solve epigenomic research questions Support division members in basic and translational science projects Conduct collaborative research and interact with a broad range of colleagues and researchers Apply for research funding either alone or in collaboration with other group leaders in the division or at the German Cancer Research Center Maintain the bioinformatics infrastructure within the division Support the division head in everyday routines including training of new group members Collaborate with internal and external partners Contribute to teaching in the Master Program on Cancer Biology ( ) The position is limited to 3 years with the possibility of prolongation.
PhD in computational biology and/or bioinformatics and not more than three years of postdoctoral experience Excellent track record in omics data analysis and integration Familiarity with epigenomics research and oncology is mandatory Interest in working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team Willing to collaborate with internal and external collaborators as well as support group members Experience and interest in teaching Fluent in English and basic knowledge of German